Vodafone Germany email migrated to their own platform

I had a vodafone.de email for long days. In the past days, Vodafone Germany hosted their email on Open Xchange, which brought me the worse experience.

Open Xchange is an open source email hosting solution. It has rich features include email, cloud, contact, calendar, push notify, docs etc. It has got a lot of customers during its years of operations. For example, Namecheap, IONOS, Virgilio.it are using their services.

But I don’t like this platform. It is developed by PHP language. It’s slow and not solid. Somethings I can’t open the page, and new email flushing is delayed.

I think many customers at Vodafone.de had the same feelings as me. While I am glad to see recently Vodafone.de has migrated their email service to their own platform, which is the same one as their global platform, such as Vodafone UK.

Their own platform is written by ASP language. It’s clean and fast, and more solid than the OX one. It has the main features of a modern online service, including email, cloud, calendar, contact, note etc.

Comparing to the old OX platform, I much like this new one. I wish vodafone.de gets better and better in their new days.

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